LTC1479 PowerPath Controller for Dual Battery Systems

Product Details

The LTC1479 is the “heart” of a total power management solution for single and dual battery notebook computers and other portable equipment. The LTC1479 directs power from up to two battery packs and a DC power source to the input of the main system switching regulator. It works in concert with related LTC power management products (e.g. LTC1435, LT1511, etc.) to create a total system solution; starting from the batteries and the DC power source, and ending at the input of each of the computer’s complex loads. A system-provided power management µP monitors and actively directs the LTC1479.

The LTC1479 uses low loss N-channel MOSFET switches to direct power from three main sources. An adaptive current limiting scheme reduces capacitor and battery inrush current by controlling the gates of the MOSFET switches during transitions. The LTC1479 interfaces directly to the LT1510, LT1511 and LT1620/LTC1435 battery charging circuits.


  • Notebook Computer Power Management
  • Portable Instruments
  • Handheld Terminals
  • Portable Medical Equipment
  • Portable Industrial Control Equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Complete Power Path Management for Two Batteries, DC Power Source, Charger and Backup
  • Compatible with Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMH and Lead-Acid Battery Chemistries
  • “3-Diode” Mode Ensures Power is Available under “Cold Start” Conditions
  • All N-Channel Switching Reduces Power Losses
  • Capacitor and Battery Inrush Current Limited
  • Independent Charging and Monitoring of Two Battery Packs
  • New, Small Footprint, 36-Lead SSOP Package